Frequently Ask Questions

Yes absolutely! Our VA’s can handle all the boring day to day tasks that too much of your time so you can Focus on Growing your Business.

Our Virtual Assistant’s will help you reclaim your freedom by handling your calendar and appointments, managing your email accounts, posting to social media, proofing and editing documents, booking travel arrangements, coordinating between clients and/or team members, researching and coordinating — almost anything you need!


We can Train your Assistant for any app or workflow you’re already using. If you communicate primarily via email, messenger or WhatsApp, your assistant will communicate with you there. If you prefer talking on the phone, your assistant will call you, etc.

Yes! Depending on your Plan and your Projects Requirements, our VA’s can provide those Reports you require.

Our Experienced Agents are from The Philippines, Ecuador and The United States. Depending on what service is required will depend where your Agent will be located. Rest assured they will be the best and have gone through a complete Screening.

Yes here at UniqueCEOs.com someone is available 24/7 with average replies in less than 2 hours. As always your Virtual Assistants will also be available for you during their Scheduled Times.

That answer depends on how many hours you contracted your VA for. You can choose specific times where your phone calls can be forwarded to your assistant. If your Virtual Assistant isn’t able to answer at that moment, they can return calls and forward those messages. Whatever your needs are we will work with you.


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