How It Works

Why Founders And Executives Choose

How Unique Screens Our Virtual Assistants

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1. In-Depth Interview & Screening
We make sure each one of our Virtual Assistants meet the Qualifications and Demands of our Clients. Our Agents must pass a series of Tests and most Importantly... Be Unique.
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2. CEO Screening
Each Agent must then meet one on one with our Executive Team followed by a Final Screening to ensure each and everyone of our Agents are Talented enough for you and your Business or Organization.
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3. Client Screening
The Final and most important step... Your Approval so we can get you back to where your Focus needs to be... Your Success. We can't wait to help you continue your Journey to Success!

Some call them Super Human, We call them Unique...

There are many tasks our Unique Assistants can help you with and those Tasks save you lots of time and money. That time and money can be devoted to other Resources.
How It Works

How Personalized Approach Works

Tell us about your ideal assistant
We ask you a series of questions. Together we determine your needs and best course of action so we create an action plan.
Meet and approve your assistant
We didn't set up a virtual meeting together so we can introduce you to your assistant and acclimate to each other's systems and requirements.
Launch and track
We then have you approve our Action Plan and Sign Paperwork and set our Start Date towards your new found Freedom with